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uplifting, unifying and social

drum united

Upcoming community event:

"World Picnic" Milton Keynes, UK

The Parks Trust, Campbell Park

Sunday 28th July 2019, 1pm - 5.30pm

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We provide regular drum jams for Early Years and parents and drum social clubs for children, young people, adults and over 60's.

We partner with local authorities and organisations to provide these community sessions in libraries, galleries, museums, cafes, theatres and outdoor spaces.

Education services for Mainstream,

EYs, SEND, Music Hubs, Universities.

Our music sessions have been developed since 2012 and achieve outstanding results in mainstream and SEND.

We have developed the Positive Mindful Drumming program and deliver this face-to-face and as an online tutorial kit.  Courses are available for schools / trusts.

We work with all abilities, from ages 1 to 18+. 

Our teaching style uses auditory, visual and kinaesthetic methods.  We visit the following clients to provide:

Early Years Lessons, staff training, transistion days

Schools Lessons, assemblies, day workshops, inset

Universities Social activities, teacher training days

Music Hubs Staff inset  / training days

We'd love to work with your setting and introduce you to our unique Positive Mindful Drumming.

20% discount available to Trusts / partnerships between schools for multiple bookings.

"The workshops are fantastic"

The British School of Amsterdam

"The sessions are great and add a new dynamic"

Manor Courses International

"An enthusiastic and committed company"

Brighton & Hove City Council

         The benefits of drumming

  • Speedy way to bring people together
  • Improves well-being and mental health
  • Reduces tension, anxiety and stress

  • Releases endorphins and calms the mind
  • Improves co-ordination and concentration
  • Suits all ages and all abilities

Great reasons to use drum united

1.  A unique global style of drumming

2.  A brilliant and professional team

3.  Online resources for your use

We’re a non-profit Social Enterprise with a goal so by using our service you’ll help increase our social impact.


"The sessions are great and add a new dynamic"

Manor Courses International

"An enthusiastic and committed company"

Brighton & Hove City Council

“I would highly recommend Drum United to anybody responsible for the creative development of almost any group of children or young people”.

SEND Senior Teacher in charge of Music and Creative Arts

Parties for kids / families, street parties, festivals  & carnivals.

We lead DRUM and PERCUSSION parties and events which are fun, exciting and upbeat. An ideal activity for any kids party or any party for friends or family - including street parties, festivals and carnivals.

We use our Positive Mindful Drumming program to provide fantastic and joyful events.  We use hand-drums, stick-drumming, boomwhackers, body percussion, tuned percussion, movement and dance.  We involve tutorial, free-style, games, solos and group work.   

We can accomodate all ages and all abilities and encourage all to join in for a big finale to end the party with a big unifying beat on the drum.

Uplifting, unifying and social, our drumming and percussion events are a unique way to  BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.

Prices from £195 plus travel.  Example costs for travel:

Milton Keynes £20. Oxford / Cambridge / London £50.  Birmingham / Brighton £60.  Bristol / Manchester £80. Edinburgh / Cardiff £100.  Amsterdam / Paris £200.

About drum united

We’re a Social Enterprise based in Milton Keynes and Brighton.  Established in 2012 we work with the private, public and 3rd sectors.  We work across the UK, EU and beyond.  We facilitate creative and fun drumming and percussion events that are uplifting and unifying.  Our purpose is to improve people’s wellbeing and strengthen communities. 

We work with all ages and all abilities - our approach is inclusive and inspiring.  Within our company, we have first hand experience of how drumming can significantly improve mental wellbeing.   We are believers in the beneifts of drumming for all ages and all abilities and we passionate at sharing the power of our drumming with companies and communities.

Contact our team to chat about the future potentials of what we can offer you and your organisation.

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Drum United is a UK Social Enterprise working across the UK, EU and beyond.

Drum United CIC is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee,

registed in England with Companies House.    Company number #08261538