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positive mindful drumming

uplifting, unifying and social

Company social clubs, team events and conference events

We provide exciting, upbeat and energising social events, team events, conferences, campaigns and gala events.

We offer regular drum social clubs for companies.  These weekly / monthly sessions use our positive mindful drumming program.

Watch our video and get in touch with our team to see what we can offer you. We’ll then begin making plans to make your event a unique, creative, unifying drum experience.

The benefits of positive mindful drumming

- Quick way to bring people together

- Improves well-being and mental health

- Reduces tension, anxiety and stress

- Releases endorphins and calms the mind

- Improves co-ordination and concentration

- Suits all ages and all abilities


‘What an amazing video! Thankyou’

Yeo Valley, Events Manager (2016)


Abel & Cole, Head of Brand (2016)

‘An enthusiastic and committed company’

Brighton & Hove City Council (2014)

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About us

We’re a Social Enterprise based in Milton Keynes (UK).  We operate across the UK and beyond.  Established in 2012 we work with the private, public and 3rd sectors.  We're a small team, led by Adey, the Project Manager.

We facilitate creative and fun drumming and percussion events that are uplifting and unifying.  Our purpose is to improve people’s wellbeing and strengthen communities.  We work with all ages and all abilities - our approach is inclusive and inspiring.

Within our company, we have first hand experience of how drumming can significantly improve mental wellbeing.  This is why we are very passionate at sharing the power of our drumming with the corporate market and their communities.

Contact us via the Contact Form with your number / contact details and we will be in touch to chat about the potentials of what we can offer your team.

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Drum United is a UK Social Enterprise working across the UK, EU and beyond.

Drum United CIC is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee,

registed in England with Companies House.    Company number #08261538