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positive mindful drumming

uplifting, unifying and social

drum united is a Social Enterprise based in MK (UK).  The ever-expading team is led by visionary Adey Peterkin.

We travel across the UK and beyond, working with corporates, communities, education faculties and more.

Our 'just cause' is to help improve wellbeing, productivity and social cohesion on a local, regional and global scale.

We provide uplifting, unifying and social activities using the positive mindful drumming program. 

This promotes a growth mindset, improves wellbeing and releases endorphins in your brain, making you feel good.

We use this at the corporate social clubs and team events, and our community and education projects and events.

Our products are available at our e-shop.  Our tutorials are online from £5pcm, plus we have FREE resources and LIVE STREAMS are available on this site and on our social platforms:  FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We have a new interactive tour "THE SMALL WORLD TOUR" and invite you to join us... Our game is INFINITE.

positive mindful drumming

Affirmations and rhythms to improve wellbeing and develop a growth mindset.

We use the program at our sessions, events, social clubs, activities, workshops and

stage show.  Its also available as an online E-learning tutorial program.

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Drum United is a UK Social Enterprise working across the UK, EU and beyond.

Drum United CIC is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee,

registed in England with Companies House.    Company number #08261538